10BASE-T1S uses Differential Manchester Encoding (DME). DME encodes data based on whether there is a transition within the clock period, indicating the logical state of the signal. If there is no transition within the clock period, the data state is logical 0. If transitions (either positive or negative) occur within the clock period, 10BASE-T1S operates in a half-duplex bus configuration with a maximum length of 25 meters. It supports multipoint connections with two to eight nodes. The "S" in the standard name denotes short-range implementation. The intended use of 10BASE-T1S is to replace existing bus architectures that often result in "communication islands," such as CAN, CAN FD, LIN, and RS-485.

Logic Analyzer / Protocol Analyzer

Supported Model: TB3000TL4000MSO2000MSO3000.

• Protocol decode
• Packets statistics
• Multiple protocols analysis
• Stack with other brands of DSO

Recommended Model:

TB3016B(able to measure differential signals directly)


In IPv4(0800h), there will be 20bytes header. The Data column is able to show Transport Layer Data only or including the header.

Transport Layer Data:

Transport Layer Data & Header: