eMMC 5.1 Protocol Analysis  

The embedded MultiMedia Card(eMMC) is the flash memory standard set by the MMC Association for mobile phones and tablets. It is an embedded multimedia memory card packaged into a BGA chip.

eMMC is made using parallel transmission technology. Although data reading and writing must be performed separately, it has the advantages of small size, low wiring difficulty, and high integration. eMMC is different from other versions of MMC, because eMMC is not a card that users can move at will, but a permanent circuit board accessory. If eMMC has a problem with the memory or its controller, it may be necessary to replace the entire PCB (printed circuit board) to repair it.


Features :

– Support  eMMC / MMC Trigger、Protocol Analyzer、Bus decodes (According to the optional model)
– 3-Pin Mode: If you only need to analyze the waveform data of CMD and BUSY, 3-Pin Mode will be a good choice. You do not need to connect all the pins in the measurement. You only need to connect the CLK, CMD, and D0 pins to measure the CMD data.
– No Clk Mode:If you need to record the CMD waveform data for a long time, you can ONLY connect CMD pin. Then you can do the CMD analysis with transitional storage.


TravelLogic & MSO series support eMMC / MMC Trigger、Bus decodes (According to the optional model)
–  The order to record all data flow from Low Power Mode to High-Speed Mode.
– “Data Filter” filters unwanted data to save memory.
– “Search” searches specific data.
– “CRC Packet” displays and counts CRC

This option is supported in BusFinder BF7264B and BF7264B+
– Can display eMMC/MMC 5.1 protocol packet data in tabular form, including command parsing
– eMMC/MMC 5.1command statistics include numbers of packets, individual commands, different data lengths, and errors
– eMMC/MMC 5.1 command trigger
*BusFinder eMMC solution provides 2 different adapters:

  • 3-Pin Mode :

  • No Clk Mode:

  • eMMC Packet:

  • Pin Connection:

  • Adaptors:

* Suggestion:The bonding wire distance is about 3cm (the shorter the better), and 100~75 ohm resistance can be added for anti-reflection to improve the measurement quality.

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