Acute Technology Inc. exhibits at the Microchip 2023 ESS - Sustainability in Taiwan

Date and Venue
5/8 Kaohsiung, 5/9 Taichung, 5/10 Hsinchu, 5/11 Taipei

At the Microchip ESSs, Acute demonstrates its newly released MSO3000 series MSO, a 6-in-1 Instruments (DAQ, DSO, DVM, Frequency Counter, Logic Analyzer, Protocol Analyzer), which is able to measure/display analog and digital signals at the same time.  Also, together with Acute’s ADP series high-voltage differential probe, the MSO3000 supports CAN 2.0, CAN FD, MODBus, ProfiBus, RS485, … differential signals with isolation protection. 

MSO3000 6-in-1 Instruments:
DAQ, DSO, DVM, Frequency Counter, Logic Analyzer, Protocol Analyzer
• PC-based, USB3.0 interface / powered (Type-A / Type-C)
• Total Memory:4 Gb
• Data Logger:Streaming data into PC HD
• DSO:4 Channels (cascaded 4units up to 16 channels), 1 GS/s S/R, 200 MHz bandwidth
• Digital Voltmeter :3 digits
• Frequency Counter:5 digits
• Logic Analyzer:16 Channels, 2 GS/s Timing Analysis, 250 MHz State Analysis
• Protocol Analyzer:eSPI, I2C, MIPI I3C, …, 20+ protocols