About Acute Technology Inc

Follow your passion, and success will follow you

Established since 1996, Acute Technology Inc. is a pioneer in PC-based test and measurement solutions based in Taiwan. Now in North America, connecting Acute Technology Inc. to valued engineers and developers across the USA and Canada. Our products include TravelLogic logic analyzers, TravelData data generators, TravelScope digital storage oscilloscopes, ADP series Hi-voltage differential probes, and TravelBus 2 in 1 Analyzer (Protocol & Logic).

The TravelLogic has 2GHz timing analysis, many bus triggers including SD3.0/eMMC4.5, and nearly 90 free bus decodes, also able to stack with many standalone DSOs to form an MSO.

The TravelScope series DSO has 1GS/s S/R and 200MHz bandwidth, 128MS memory, and 16bits high vertical resolution. The ADP1025 differential probe has 25MHz bandwidth, +/-700V working range and 2,500V impulse withstand.

The TravelBus is USB3.0 interfaced protocol analyzer and logic analyzer; it has an I2C/DP_AUX port with Schmitt trigger, differential CAN-FD, RS485/RS422, ProfiBus ports, another example of high-quality test & measurement instrument made by Acute.


At Acute North America, our mission is to be the vital link that connects Acute Technology Inc. with customers in the USA and Canada. We are focused on making Acute´s top-of-the-line products easily accessible for North American engineers and developers to unleash their full potential and drive innovation with unwavering confidence.


We are centered around the Synergy of collaboration, Dedication to excellence, and Shared passion for technology.