I2C is a two-wire serial communication bus that uses a multi-master/slave architecture. It was developed by Philips in the 1980s as a communication specification for connecting low-speed peripherals to motherboards, embedded systems, or mobile devices. It is widely used in electronic circuit systems. I2C only uses two bidirectional signal lines, namely the clock line (SCL) and the data line (SDA). The signal content includes start, address, data, read/write, and so on. The transmission is bidirectional, and the data format can be either 8 bits or 10 bits. The transmission speed ranges from 100 kbit/s to 3.4 Mbit/s.

Support Model: TravelBus 3000 series, TravelLogic 4000 Series, MSO 2000 Series, MSO 3000 Series, LA 3000+ Series.

Analyzer Features:

  • Support bus decodes
  • Support protocol packet trigger
  • Support protocol packet analysis
  • Stack with other brands of DSO
  • Multiple protocols analysis
  • Packets statistics

Acute Logic Analyzer employ Schmitt circuitry to perform measurements. The approach involves using two threshold levels to determine the digital signal. In electronics, when using a Schmitt trigger, it induces a hysteresis effect on the voltage signal. This can be used to eliminate noise interference and resolve signal bouncing or transient state phenomena.


I2C decodes / waveforms:
Effectively solves the problem of slow signal transitions during actual measurements of I²C signals, making it difficult to measure. Able to stack with a DSO to form as an MSO.


I2C Protocol analyzer Report:
A simple software interface that requires only 3 steps to start capturing bus data. The data transfer is designed with USB 3.0, and when combined with a 64-bit operating system, it can fully utilize the memory of the PC. This allows for long-term data capturing of serial bus protocols, ranging from a few hours to several days, making it an effective data acquisition (DAQ) device. If the option to capture waveform simultaneously is selected, users can also view both protocol data and actual digital waveforms simultaneously.


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