Logic Analyzer (LA) Mode

  • MSO analog and digital channels can capture signals simultaneously.
    It can also stack an oscilloscope to compare digital and analog signals simultaneously, which is suitable for signal quality analysis.

    LA Storage Mode:
    Storage modeLong Time Record: Transitional Storage VS Compressed Storage
    For signal capture and analysis, usually require to record the signal for a long time. If the data is stored in a compressed way, it will cause your software to lag or even stop functioning when decompressing the data after it is sent back to the computer. Because PC memory size might insufficient for decompressed data size. To satisfy the requirement of smooth software operation and long-term recording without missing any data, the storage method adopted by the Acute analyzer is transitional storage rather than compression. After returning to the PC software, it doesn't need to do the decompression. The decoded results can be displayed while the analysis is finished. 

    Compressed en
    Transition en
    Software Main Window
    MSO3K LA en 01
    Analog & Digital waveformMSO3K LA en 02
    Auto Threshold Settings:
    1.Auto Detect ALL
    2.Auto Detect 2 en
    Auto Detect 03 en

    Trigger Settings Window
    Multiple Protocols Analysis Simultaneously:
    Ex: I2C + USB PD3.0

    MSO Stack With Other Vendors of Oscilloscope:

    (*Support DSO)SMBUS External DSO
    Stack DSO 1 Stack DSO 2

    MSO Enables Digital & Analog Channels (Using the same channels)
    SMBUS MSODigital & Analog Signals From MSO and External DSO From Other Vendors
    MSO DSO en*BUS_SMBUS: Decode & Digital Signals   *DSO: MSO Analog Signals   *Ext DSO: External DSO Signals

    Add Notes & Pictures in WaveformNote
    Power Management Protocols Solution for MSO
    Ex: PMBus(CH0 & CH1) & The Related Power Voltage(CH2) (*Digital CH0, CH1    Analog: CH2 )
    Power Management