MIPI SPMI (System Power Management Interface) is an interface standard developed by the MIPI Alliance, designed specifically for mobile phone power management systems. With the continuous improvement of the functionality of mobile phones and smart devices, the demand for power management becomes more complex. The primary goal of MIPI SPMI is to provide a unified standard, allowing various devices and components from different vendors, especially power-related components in mobile phones (such as batteries, charging circuits, power management ICs, etc.), to work together more effectively.

MIPI SPMI uses two main signal lines: SCLK (Serial Clock) and SDATA (Serial Data). It typically operates within the voltage range of 1.2V or 1.8V. This low-voltage operation helps reduce power consumption, meeting the requirements of mobile devices for efficient and energy-saving power management solutions.


  • Channel: Set the channels of SCLK and SDATA.
  • Version: select v1.0 or v2.0


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